Georgian Wine Feast with Pheasant's Tears Wine


Fort Defiance is proud to host a exciting evening of Georgian wine and food with Pheasant's Tears winery and winemaker John Wurdeman!

John Wurdeman is an American-born artist who first traveled to Georgia in 1995 to research Georgian polyphonic singing. Almost 20 years later, he's one of the country's most exciting winemakers, working in the traditional Georgian style of aging wine in qvevri, beeswax-lined amphorae. This evening is a rare opportunity to taste wines from the world's oldest documented wine culture, and to sample a rich, underappreciated cuisine that's practically unknown in New York City. 

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The traditional Georgian feast will be prepared at Fort Defiance by chef Maia Acquaviva of NYC's Oda House, and will feature:

Kakhuri Salata: Tomato/Purple Basil Salad with Chili and Kakhetian Oil 

Nadughi: Fresh Curds with Mint and Garlic 

Badrijhani Nigvzit: Eggplant with Walnuts, and Georgian magic spice trio

Jonjoli : Fermented Bladder Wart Flowers  

Gouda: Aged Sheep Cheese


Lobio: Red Kidney Beans with Wild Georgian Thyme and Spearmint

Chvishtari: Corn and smoked cheese Bread

Katami Shvindis Saucshi: Baked Chicken basked in Corneilan Cherry  Sauce

Sokos Chakapuli: Oyster Mushrooms with Green Plum and Tarragon Sauce

Ghoris Hortsi Ghvinoshi: Pork fried in Carmelized Onions and Rkatsiteli 

Kartopili Tkemalit: Fried Poatatoes in Red Plum Sauce



Pheasant’s Tears Chacha

Georgian Tea

Churchkhela: Walnuts dipped in Grape Custard (Small flat Plate)