• Fort Defiance 365 Van Brunt St Brooklyn, NY, 11231 United States
evacuation day flyer.jpg

Don't want to cook the day before Thanksgiving?
Come to our first annual Evacuation Day* Fish Fry!

We're frying fish and hush puppies outside, and inside we'll have a buffet of:

Roasted yukons with garlic and lemon

Red beans and sautéed greens

Savoy cabbage coleslaw

$25 gets you all this and a glass of punch! 

*Wikipedia: "Evacuation Day...marks the day in 1783 when the last vestige of British Authority in the United States... departed from New York Town on Manhattan Island." The holiday was celebrated with merry-making in New York City until the mid-19th century. The actual date on November 25, but we celebrate on the day before Thanksgiving.